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"While beautiful looks are important, I think beauty that comes from the inside is also very important."- Jessica. Happy birthday princess!

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"My specialty is spacing out. 멍~"
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'Do not lost hope'
'Please stay strong a little bit more'
‘We are waiting’
‘Please comeback’
'Are you Hungry ?'


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Photographer Austin Tott pairs the small with the grandiose in his series Tiny Tattoos. The delightful images feature hand-drawn body art that’s positioned against a background from which they visually reference.

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  • 1. Name: Kim Tae Yeon
  • 2. Age: 17 years old now keke college student TT_TT
  • 3. Birthdate: 1989.03.09
  • 5. Graduated from: Yanggi High School
  • 6. Height: I'm still growing up...
  • 7. Blood type: Blood type.. I still don't know my blood type until now TT type AB or O..
  • 8. Religion: None (don't tempt me)
  • 9. Interests: Thinking about things.. humming a tune.. playing with my phone.. checking my messages, sending messages keke
  • 10. Personality: Not scared of anything, likes weird and interesting things
  • 11. Happiest time of the day: When I'm sleeping haha. At night when I'm alone..
  • 12. What I'm most unsatisfied with now: My hair had stopped growing -_- no points in cyworld..
  • 13. What do you wear when sleeping: I'll never wear long sleeves keke usually wear thin clothings when sleeping ^ ^
  • 14. Ideal hairstyle: Dislike long hair TT ~~likes simple and neat hairstyle
  • 15. Ideal type: Someone who's positive, charming when he smiles, full of humour, does skinship well
  • 16. Habits: *Blank expression*~, sleep-talking at times, playing with phone, writing down impressions, things that I saw with my own eyes and left a deep impression
  • 17. Fruits I like: Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Tomato
  • 18. Vegetables I like: Vegetables..I like all
  • 19. Most handsome male artiste: Kim Dong Wan, my, Ji Sung, Noh Hong Chul
  • 20. Most pretty female artiste: Han Ga In, Kim Tae Hee
  • 21. Things I treasure: Handphone, and things like that
  • 22. Numbers I like: 3, 6, 9
  • 23. My troubles: No computer in the dorm
  • 24. My shortcomings: I was a little selfish when I was younger TT TT It's difficult for me to forget something bad that happened TT TT
  • 25. How I feel now: It's weird~
  • 26. Things I want to do now: Look at my graduation album
  • 27. Someone I like: Until now I haven't liked anyone before
  • 28. Food I like: Korean food!
  • 29. Food I dislike: Honestly, there's no food I dislike keke
  • 30. Shoe size: 250mm
  • 31. Liquor capacity: Not sure.. still learning from my parents ^ ^
  • 32. Cigarette: The most hated thing in the world (Dad T_T please quit smoking)
  • 33. Recommend a sad movie: Marathon TT_TT must watch (Personally I prefer horror movies)
  • 34. Childhood dream: Splendid Single [Note: this is a song by Yang Hye-Sung]
  • 35. Motto: Don't do anything that you'll regret..(but there's always accident -_-)
  • 36. Sleeping hours: 7 hours
  • 37. WIsh: Female singer who is able to sing live well
  • 38. How do you feel about your smile: I'm good at laughing..once I start I can't stop
  • 39. My best dish: Egg fried rice!! (Can't cook ramen well TT)
  • 40. Where do you live now: Our dorm
  • 41. Something you'll always remember: Everything in 2004..
  • 42. Catchphrase: I'm hungry keke.. Do you want to die?! What~?! You're welcome
  • 43. Sleep out experience: My family is very strict.. there's also a CCTV installed
  • 44. First kiss: Definitely didn't have one before
  • 45. If yes, where is it: I already said none keke
  • 46. What will you look at first for ideal type: Eyes.. it will change with time
  • 47. If you have a lover: This..I don't have any experience yet '_'; I think I will love him very much ^ ^
  • 48. If you fall into a love triangle: I hate love triangles and stuff like that
  • 49. If someone you love betrays you: He will get the revenge someday..hohoho~
  • 50. Things you want to give to people you love: Trust
  • 51. Things I do in school: Recently, chat with friends keke.. or just daydream
  • 52. Flowers I like: Purple flower (don't know that name TT)
  • 53. Songs I like: For songs, no criteria
  • 54. Colors I like: Blue, purple
  • 55. Age requirement for future husband: I don't really look at younger guys.. someone older, as long as he's in the suitable range
  • 56. What do you do when you're free: Thinking about things, listening to music
  • 57. First love: No one believes TT I haven't met my first love until now
  • 58. If you have 100 million: Firstly, save it up hehehe
  • 59. Most interesting drama you watched: I don't really watch dramas usually
  • 60. Most interesting movie you watched: In recent years, National Treasure (jjang jjang >_<)
  • 61. Eyesight: Blind Kim
  • 62. Ways to destress: Thinking about things, listening to music, walk around
  • 63. Something you want to learn: Sociability
  • 64. What you want to do: The thing I want to do most is to debut
  • 65. If your lover's life is in danger: I will be very sad TT I definitely will TT_TT
  • 66. When do you hate yourself the most: When I eat till I'm really full
  • 67. What are your thoughts towards premarital sex: What is that
  • 68. Life's motto: Be cautious about everything
  • 69. Weather I like: Cloudy with strong winds and raining heavily
  • 70 Time spent watching TV: 4 hours?! ha ha
  • 71. Friends I treasure are: There's..two
  • 72. How do you view life: After setting a goal, work hard towards it
  • 73. Drinks I like: Mineral water, black soya bean
  • 75. Snacks I like: SunChips, cream puff black sesame flavour
  • 76. Where will you go if you break up: A quiet place.. somewhere no one will pass by
  • 77. Teacher I respect the most: All~ except the one in Primary 6 and high school third year
  • 78. Family members: Father, mother, older brother, younger sister, small female dog
  • 79. Happiness is: Being able to do things that I like
  • 80. Most unforgettable birthday present: The phone call on 4 March 2004
  • 81. Animals I like: Dogs, cats, tiger
  • 82. Plants I like: Cactus
  • 83. Favourite season: Winter~
  • 84. What do you think of same gender relationship: As long as they like each other, there's nothing wrong about it hehe~
  • 85. Choose between love and friendship: Until now I haven't been in love before.. friendship
  • 86. What will you do if it's the end of the world tomorrow: Sleep.
  • 87. Singing potential: To the extent where people won't feel sick..?! keke
  • 88. Dancing potential: To the extent where people won't feel awkward..?! keke
  • 89. Favourite song: It changes with time..
  • 90. What is the most important aspect in a relationship (friends/lover/etc): Trust!
  • 91. Subjects I like: Science, English, Korean, Sports
  • 92. What do you think of cougar love: Rather than younger, I prefer someone older
  • 93. If you die tomorrow: I will write a very long will keke
  • 94. When do you want to get married: I don't think I will get married..
  • 95. What will you be like 20 years later: Reminiscing the past..I will probably do that
  • 96. Countries you want to visit: Japan, England, especially England.. I really want to go TT~ Harry is waiting for me there
  • 97. E-MAIL: I don't use e-mail ^ ^
  • 98. Say something to the person looking at this Q&A: You have known more about me, right?! ^ ^
  • 99. Something you want to change: Laziness
  • 100. Last thing you want to say: Don't judge things/people based on first impression ^_^ Me, Taeyeon, is someone like that ^ ^ keke. After reading this, thank you..for reading ^ ^
  • I'll never get sick of reading this ;D
  • source: http://i.imgur.com/JBJGo.jpg
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I was getting over it but then I saw this video and I’m a mess again 


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Jessica Unnie, You took good care of me since I was a trainee. You’re really caring. I think it’s because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me. People think you’re cold and chic but when we’re together, you act like a freak and crack jokes a lot. I think we changed you and made you crazy so I’m sorry *laughs* but I like this side of you a lot.”

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"I am a very confident and honest woman. There is a huge discrepancy between my onstage and offstage persona. I like to be provocative and enthralling when I’m on stage. But because that "sexy HyunA" image is so embedded that most people think that I would be like that offstage, which isn’t true. I consider myself a visual performer." - Kim Hyuna

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sarang’s cute message to her soshi unnies ♥

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